Reuse existing folder after fresh installation of Windows

My Windows installation has been having issues so I’m planning to do a clean format and re-install. My synced Insync folder is on another partition which I won’t be touching. What do I need to do so that on re-installing Insync (after the Windows reinstall), it doesn’t re-download the entire folder? I’d like Insync to be in the same sync state as it is now.

There is an option upon setup to re-use an exisiting folder: How to get started with Insync

Oh, that’s good. Thanks.

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I selected the existing folder, but it has still started syncing all files again :frowning: I just noticed that there were 25,000 files left. If I hadn’t noticed, I would’ve exceeded my data limit this month! What can I do to prevent it from re-syncing everything again?

Is it duplicating the files? Or is it just “queued?”

Can you send an email over to with the link to this post and your logs so we can check this out?
How to find the log files

Most of the files just got queued up and finished processing immediately. However quite a lot of them got duplicated as File (2), File (3), File (4). Now I’m going through all my files and removing duplicates :frowning: I hope removing duplicates doesn’t delete the originals on the server or something like that. I have sent the logs.

Honestly, Insync is becoming too much of a hassle. Once in a while I need to spend time figuring out why it’s duplicating stuff or why it’s deleting stuff.