Scanning for Changes, 3 days and counting


Scanning for Changes has been running for 3 days. In that time new items have not synced. I do not see much CPU time on the insync process nor much or network traffic so I am really wondering if it is doing anything.

I have been using insync for a while to backup our backup server. The main data folder is synced to a google account and it has been working great. I was impressed since the folder contains 2.94 TB in 317,960 files. However now insync appears stuck and I am unsure how to go about fixing it.

Any suggestions?


Hi there, what OS are you on? Also, kindly send in your logs along with the link to this post to

Thank you :smile:


OS is Windows server 2008 R2.

logs.db from \AppData\Roaming\Insync has been sent to

Thank you


I’m having this same issue on Linux Mint 17.2 Cinnamon.

Even after a fresh reboot I have the scanning icon. It hasn’t gone away in at least 3 weeks.


Have you sent in your logs? If not kindly do so along with the link to this post to

Thanks :smile:


Let’s pretend I don’t have intimate knowledge of how insync works or where the log files are kept. Where should I look for these log files ?


@Tyler_H: Apologies for the trouble, please try these steps: How to find the log files.



I am having the same issue. My app doesn’t sync on my Mac. Its been looking for change for the past 21 days. I tried deleting the account downloading the latest version and signing to back Google account and it keeps waiting to sync.

here is my log file :


Actually never mind. It seems re installing the app worked. :smile:


I’m having the same issue with version I am sending my logs to


I logged a ticket a couple days ago with the logs and never heard back from your support team.


How do get in contact with support? I logged a ticket 2 days ago and no response.


This is still a problem btw. If you have more than 700,000 files queued up for sync it slows to a crawl. The number decreases by 1 every two seconds.