Show (cache) folder and file names, but leave them in the cloud?


I’m a new user; sorry if this is a FAQ or has already been discussed in the forums. I spend some time looking for answers but did not find any.

One feature of the “on-demand” Google File Stream that I like/need is that I can go to my file stream drive in windows file explorer and I see all the files that I have on my drive without actually having them locally. I can work on them and they remain in the cloud.

With insync it seems that the only way to get a file in the file manager and to work on it, is to sync it and therefore store it locally. It is also less convenient to upload files into folders that are not sync’d (I have to go through the web interface). Does Insync have the ability to show folders and files for non-synced items (and leave them in the cloud)? Can I then navigate through the local insync directory and work on those same files that are only stored in the cloud? Hopefully this question make sense.

I understand the advantages of syncing locally and being able to work off-line, but the current google file stream method of showing all folders and files and then working directly in the could has huge advantages for me.

thanks in advance, mark


Drive File Stream is really cool, but I won’t hold my breath for Insync to do the same.

A sync client doesn’t have control over the file explorer on your system. The only way for folder/file names to show up in the explorer is either

  1. actually download the file, or
  2. create a virtual drive/filesystem like Drive File Stream does

The first method is just normal syncing. The second one is vastly more complex.

Given Insync team’s size and past development speed, I’d prefer Insync keep the basic features solid, efficient, bug-free and usable, rather than succumb to feature creep and add in fancy but difficult features that they cannot effectively maintain.


Thanks for the reply. I had mostly wanted to know if I was missing a setting or feature in insync. I did not know how Drive File Stream did this. I see your point about keeping it simple. I was able to function with the old Google Drive where I selectively downloaded. I guess I got a little spoiled with File Stream. I’ll see if I go back to the old approach on my old laptop here. regards, mark