Simple copy pasting 3 files created an infinite loop

I am using insync on Ubuntu 14.04
I needed to copy 3 files from directory A to directory B.
Instead of doing it on the web interface of google drive, I thought it might be easier to do it via insync.
I open nautilus, go to directory A
I select and copy 3 files (all native google docs)
I go to directory B
I paste the 3 files
At first it looks like it was working but then it entered an infinite loop creating more copies and more copies in the directory.
Very disappointing! Plus, it was the 1st time I actually used insync… well, the 1st impression is quite disapointing :frowning:

Hi @thibauld, I’m sorry for this, has there been any changes made on that specific file? Insync does not yet support file compare so it can’t determine whether to replace a certain file. This particular feature is actively being worked on by the team for future versions. Have you tried deleting the duplicated files? :smile:

Thanks for your quick answer.
No there has been no changes made on that specific file.
I did not try deleting the duplicated files… because insync was on an infinite loop and was creating one new duplicate fine every second or so. I had to stop insync. And then I went on the google drive interface because I feel like I cannot trust insync 100% with my files. Do you guys provide refund ? I purchased my license probably a month or so ago but I never really used it until now.

@thibauld Please send your logs to for investigation: How to find the log files. You can compress them before sending to save space. Thanks.