Still Thousands of Items in Queue


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(By the way continued no response from anybody at Insync, a little disappointing)

See other experiments I made in this thread.

So with the 120 GB or so of information loaded into the Google drive area g:\gdrive sucessfully loaded using the free Google client it was now time to see what Insync can do.

I stopped the Google Client

At this point local machine and remote host have about 120GB of identical data

Insync is started normally and needs to scan for changes and then presumably just needs to check the 200,000 files are exactly the same between local and Google cloud.

20151103 13:22 Insync started
20151103 18:49 Insync finishes scanning changes decided 282K items to queue
20151103 20:49 Now 275K items
20151104 07:07 222K items queued
20151104 09:24 211 Items queued
20151104 17:49 150K items queued
20151104 20:13 163K items queued. WAIT A MINUTE. THE NUMBER GOT LARGER AND THERE
20151104 21:24 166K items. It is STILL INCREASING!!

Current position is therefore

  • Insysnc started with 282K items. In 24 hours it got it down to 163K or so, with the anomoly that somewhere it decided there were more items to synchronise.

  • Clearly it is several magnitude orders slower than the native google client which pushed everything in less than 20 hours.

It would be a good debug tool if the the verbosity of the Progress dialog could be set to more or less to aid comprehension.


I have sent a follow-up to @dipesh. He’ll get back to you soon. Apologies for the delay.

Thank you.


It is April 2016 and unless I am missing something nobody came to help me. 2 weeks ago I downloaded the latest insync Pro and now it is synchronising 1.5 million items. It is managing < 1 item per second. Rather tricky because I have about 15,000 changes daily on the existing replicated file base.

After 2 weeks were are down to about 1.4 millions items.

I have a VERY fast fibre up and download connection so I do not think that this is the bottleneck.


I’m having the same issue. The client insists there are over 300,000 files to sync, and the number just hovers. My files do not sync and the client does nothing. I’m not sure what to do. I have about 900 GB of files. I’ve chosen to selectively sync certain files only, to see if it would make a difference, but it does not. It does the same thing.

I’m not sold on this client yet.


Same problem. Taking FOREVER.


Since about 2 weeks, I have the same problem with version 1.4.7.
It keeps adding files in the queue (> 270k), although I only have about 50k files in my account.
No idea where these files come from.


Same issue posted here