Sync stopped working... then restarts from beginning

Hi. I installed insyc on my macbook air and downloaded the Google Drive folders I needed. The downloaded synced folders are about 30GB of about 300GB on Google Drive.

Then Sync completely stopped working. I closed the program. Then I couldn’t reopen it; when I tried, it simply wouldn’t load.

So I rebooted the computer. The program loaded. But it just stood there for 15 minutes not acknowledging that there were any changes to sync on the server or client.

Now the app says it is syncing 50,000 files. The entire local directory only has 33,000 files in it. So it has started over.

What gives? And is there a way to be able to count on this app to keep up?


@Saul_Hansell It appears Insync has encountered a bug. A few questions:

At any point, did Insync ask you to login to your account again, and did you do so?

At the first step, am I right to say that you setup the account, and then selectively synced only some of your Drive files? And these were downloaded without any problems?

Finally, could you send an email to with your log files so we can take a closer look? How to find the log files

Thank you and we hope to resolve your issue soon.