Sync TeamDrive makes a lot of new files notifications appears


When I start to sync a teamdrive to a personalized folder, the feed start to show that I added all the files


Hey @nsanz,

This is expected behavior since synced files that are added to a local folder will show up on your feed. Did you have other expectations for the feed? Would love to hear your thoughts. :slight_smile:


Hi @Gregory,

As I see the feed, is to get notifications when a file is added by someone to a folder, and I have synced that file, so I can get notified when someone (including me) modified the file.

Actually while writing this I see that the normal behaviour is useful, so my problem is not that, is more like there is really difficult to quick distinguish wish kind of message is showing, someone modified/added a file, or it just get synced the first time. Actually after a year with insync I dint realice there are some kinds of messages in the feed as I only was worried of the feed before when someone else modified or add a file.

Maybe this should’t be marked as bug or issues, and more like a suggestion + feature request: a more graphic way of classify the feed kind of messages.


Thanks for the feedback, @nsanz!

I’ll be sure to let our team know about this. It does make sense to be able to distinguish what kind of actions show up on your Feed. For the meantime, I’ll close this Topic since the issue’s been dealt with. :slight_smile: