"Sync to separate folder" in InSync 3?

When I was still able to use 1.5.7 I had some 1st level directories synced to different locations on my local machine (i.e. small commonly used items on a small SSD, big video files on a separate RAID, etc).

To move those 1st level directories between local drives I would use the right-click menu* to “Sync to separate folder…” or whatever it was called, pick a new local directory, and InSync would migrate everything in the background.

I feel like this must be possible with InSync 3 but I can’t find it. The (very confusingly named) “Merge with / Inside folder or drive…” options when syncing new directories seem to do that, but is there no way to move an already synced directory? I have to un-sync then re-sync everything?

*Also, I’m just going to give a shout out to the old right-click menu in general while I’m here. Creating new folders & having all my options displayed in a right click was much better than the limited hover buttons.

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Thanks for the feedback, @fifthlegion!

Right now, change location is not yet available in our hover menu. You’re right that the current workaround is to unsync the directory and re-sync it, and I understand that this isn’t ideal for a lot of use cases. I’ll bring this up with our team. :slight_smile:

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Thanks for looking into it – for now though, I think I’m going to press pause on using InSync.

In trying to un-sync & re-sync one of those large directories the whole installation seems to have become a wreck, immediately crashing InSync as soon as it tries to parse the file queue, crazy looking UI errors, hanging Windows Explorer and even a few kernel panics.

I had some of this happen when I first switched to v3 and it took days of work to scrub my system of InSync & all traces of the accounts I had linked to that computer, eventually bringing a new installation online one directory at a time to keep it stable.

I’m sure the team is working on everything, but… it’s too much hassle constantly troubleshooting InSync. This feels like a year of beta testing and it’s an unsettling regression from the product we were already using. Drive File Stream presents some organizational issues for me but I can hack my way around those. I can’t hack my way around the mountain of problems, missing features, speed issues and instability InSync has been plagued by since v3.

I’ll keep my personal Drive account active to see how things are going with builds for a while, but I can’t rely on the product for my business anymore.

Good luck to your developers, I hope you guys figure this out some day.

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