Team Drive sync is skipping folders

#1 beta version
Operating system: Ubuntu 17.10

Issue: We moved all the folders from Google Drive to Team Drive. In one Team Drive folder some of the sub-folders are not synced. The Insyc icon shows the green “synced” checkbox but the folder still shows the blue syncing symbol. Insync says: folder is empty but sometimes it shows the data inside. The foldername doesn’t have any whitespaces or non-ascii characters.

  • unsync / sync for this folder does not help
  • deleting the whole configuration and starting from scratch solved the problem 2 folders but now it’s the issue with a different one…


thanks for reporting! tagging our engineers @marte @jimperio

We’re going through a list of small issues, sorry for getting back to you just now :slight_smile:


@eike When this issue happens, does it continue to be “stuck” like that even if Insync is actually done performing any syncing? When it displays the contents of the folder, does it display the correct list if you compare it to the contents of the same folder on Drive web?

Does the issue persist even upon restarting Insync?


@jimperio Yes, that’s the case. After computer reboot, insync says everything is up to date or it starts syncing new changes of my colleagues. After sync is completed, all folders show the green checkbox first. When i click into one of the “problem” folders it shows a couple of subfolders (but not all!) with green checkbox. After a second or so, it seems that insync realizes that there are a few more subfolders. They appear tagged with a blue “syncing icon”, but nothing happens. if i step into these subfolders in insync the behavior is different:

case 1: insync says: folder is empty. but it is not (compared to the web-drive)
case 2: i see all files and subfolders and some of them are not yet synced --> insync starts syncing them
case 3: like case 2 but insync does not seem to sync.

The problem persists after insync restart or even computer reboot.

By the way, i use insync on my office laptop (thinkpad x1 with ubuntu 17.10) and on my private laptop (thinkpad x220 with ubuntu 16.04 lts). It is the same problem on both machines.

Thank you for your help!


@eike Hmm, I see. Are you syncing any non-Team-Drive items? If so, do they sync without encountering this kind of issue?

Could you please send an email to with a link to this forum thread, as well as the following files attached (or a link to the files if they’re too large to send as an email attachment):

  1. ~/.config/Insync/logs.db
  2. the entire “dbs” folder at ~/.config/Insync/dbs , compressed


@eike Please check out the latest version of 1.4 as we have syncing-related fixes there (you should also be auto-updated to that). Thanks for the report!



i have the same problem and running on version (Windows 10). Is there any solution for this? Is really not usefull if there is not sync all the items. Sync children i have checked so this should be fine.

Thanks for help