Thanks, but see ya latter InSync


Hi Insync,

I have today just un-installed Insync from my PC and am now happily running with the native Google Drive File Stream app.

For me, it was your lack of making it easy for user to choose if a file/folder was available offline or online only that made me change. Sure, you could go through the Insync App and choose folders that should be synced to the PC - but that’s cumbersome. I want to open File Explorer and see ALL my data, even if it’s online only. I don’t want to have to navigate through the InSync app.

So thanks for the few years of a good product, but you’ve fallen behind. If you get back in front I may be back, but for now, Drive File Stream offers me everything I need.

Bye bye, might see you again some time.


Hi @Ryan,

Thank you so much for your feedback. We’ll definitely consider that DFS feature in our future deliberations on new features.

It was great having you around and I hope you try us out again in the future.:heart:


Same thing here.
First time I used insync it was quite unstable (2-3 years ago, or something).
I gave a second chance three months ago but I just cannot live with such limitations.
GDS got few extremely simple, yet very nice features. First of all is default drive mapping; I really got troubles locating insync folder (even if put it in quick list, it just does not fit right).
Second is what Ryan mentioned, selective sync - sucks. Big time. I use few computers (three of them with total of 5 operating systems). Some of them got disk space limitations (for example, one of them got only 128 GB SSD) and I do not feel comfortable with not seeing my files. Constant fear that folders do not exist at all. I know it is in my head but everytime it is a little shock for me.
Third; UI is awful. Black UI? Really? Are you nuts?
I removed insync and will try it again in a year or so.