Trial timed out within half an hour!

I installed Insync from a repository on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS Trusty for a trial and tried to set up the local folder as ~/Documents/GoogleDrive/ but somehow finished up with ~/Documents/GoogleDrive/GoogleDrive/ .

To get rid of the incorrect folder I had to cancel my account, then add an account. Unfortunately, now Insync has cancelled my trial and I can’t refresh it. And it will not synchronise the local folder with the Google Drive cloud folder.

Can someone from Insync who is reading this forum please restore my trial? It can hardly be a trial if it doesn’t actually work!

Hedley Finger

P.S. Can you provide a support form or email address to support staff?

Hi @hfinger would be glad to reset your trial, please send your email to so we can access your accounts.

I will tag our engineer @lpugoy in this and he might have some workarounds available for you

Thank you :smile:

@hfinger Please send your logs to How to find the log files. You can compress them before sending to save space.