Two factor auth and Insync

I have insync running on a server out on the open internet. I occasionally want to run insync on this machine to mirror my google drive but I don’t want to keep it running all the time. My ideal use case is that I start insync, authenticate with google via password, authenticate with SMS for two-factor (from google) and then start the sync.

The problem, it seems, is that when you auth insync it is doesn’t expire at the session end.

How can I use it with two-factor on an ongoing basis?

@marte do we have a workaround for this? :slight_smile:

@ak1 Right now you need to remove the account which will stop the syncing (but won’t remove the files), and then add it back again next time. Adding it back again will use file matching so that no unnecessary uploads/downloads take place (as long as you use the Insync folder).

Yea, that’s not a good workaround for me. It causes a huge delay in checking files (I have gigabytes of data). I think one-way sync would be a hugely useful feature for use cases like this.

So, with the new version 3.0.14+ for Linux, there doesn’t seem to be a way to login to a drive (google account) that uses 2FA. I’ve already given INSYNC permission to access the account without 2FA (see attached). I may be missing something, but how do I get this to work?

Hi @Andor_Kiss! I’ve forwarded this to our engineers to see how we can get your setup running.

Are you using Google Apps? If so, can you check if third-party apps have been enabled?

Yes, Third Party apps have been enabled. I’m thinking that maybe it (Google) recognises v1.5.7 and v3.0.14 as different apps? Could this be the reason? Because I noticed that the repos for v1.5.7 are and for v3.014 are ?