Ubuntu 16.04 Icon dark and not synching


Since upgrading to Ubuntu 16.04, my Insync icon is staying dark, and it appears not to be syncing files. Any ideas what to try?

Insync is installed via the PPA - is version 1.3.6 and starts fine via dash, or autostart.

It seems to still be running fine: as
matt@Hazel:~$ ps -ef | grep ‘insync start’
matt 2258 1473 0 09:49 ? 00:00:39 ./insync start
matt 12805 12775 0 11:32 pts/5 00:00:00 grep --color=auto insync start



@matmaxgeds: Please try out the suggestions in this page: (LINUX) How to solve the issue “tray icon is not showing”. If they didn’t work please send your logs to support@insynchq.com for investigation: How to find the log files

thanks @lpugoy - I went through the suggestions but note that they are for a suggestion where the tray icon is not showing whereas in my case, it is showing, but is just dark after the first 1 second.

Suggestion 1: install sni-qt
sni-qt is already the newest version (0.2.7+15.10.20150729-0ubuntu1).

Suggestion 2: Check if there’s an entry in your crontab for Insync by running crontab -l.
No entry in crontab for Insync

Suggestion 3: update video card driver
Already fully updated

Suggestion 4: Install xembed-sni-proxy as in KDE Plasma 5 the XEmbed protocol was replaced with SNI
I am not using KDA Plasma 5

Logs sent to the support email address given above.



I have the same problem here. Insync 1.3.10 on openSUSE Tumbleweed.

Here Insync is not syncing, but it does see which files are left to sync. It simply somehow cannot download them.

Note that I’m behind a corporate firewall/proxy (MS) and that I’m using a locally installed cntlm to connect to the MS proxy from linux.

The strange thing is that if I install Insync on a Windows machine on the same network and make it point to my local cntlm (thus it is effectively using the same connection as my linux box), the Windows version of Insync does sync correctly.

So there must be something that the linux version does differently connection-wise, so that the linux version is unable to download (and upload, too).

Hi Christiano,

In case it helps, my solution was to delete the remnants of a no longer working proxy which insync file sync (but not file discovery) was trying to use.


@Cris70: Apologies for the trouble. Please send your logs to support@insynchq.com for investigation: How to find the log files.

@matmaxgeds how did you do that?

@lpugoy I sent the logs a couple of minutes ago.
Thank you!