Ubuntu 18.04 repo


It seems like with 17.10 in October, Bionic Beaver was slapped unto the Artful Ardvark .deb. But the repository it adds during install has no release file for Bionic Beaver. Thus, I get release file errors during apt-get update and FM integration is broken because that’s installed from repo after Insync installs. Would it be possible to fix this?

Apt repo doesn’t work with Ubuntu 18.04

Hi! I am so sorry for the delayed response. :frowning:

We’ve just added Ubuntu bionic repository. You can now install / update Insync through apt-get. :smiley:

If you encounter any issues during setup, please let me know. :slight_smile: Thank you!


That’s great, thanks!

Do you guys have plans to configure the repo in such a way to avoid this situation in the future? Similar to how Google Chrome has their repo setup?


You’re welcome!

I’ll bring this up with our engineers to streamline the process. I appreciate the feedback! :slight_smile: