Ubuntu 20.04 sync never starts after initial setup

On a new installation of Ubuntu 20.04, I’ve gone through all of the insync setup steps, however files never actually start to download from Google Drive. The folder I selected for sync is empty, and restarting my machine hasn’t helped. The folders within insync show the icon, but nothing happens.

The root problem was that I thought I had set a new location for my root folder, but it turns out it was trying to use the default location, which I had deleted. Because the root folder didn’t exist, it couldn’t start syncing.

Hi Adam, could you remove your account, add it again, and pick the preferred location upon setup? Let me know how that goes.

After you’ve selected the folder, you need to select the files to download since the folder you previously selected was empty. You can do so via the cloud selective sync tool on the upper right of the app.