Unable to sync changed PDF files

OS: Windows 10 Professional

Using LibreOffice I created an .otg file and printed to pdf.
I then modified the .otg and printed to pdf again, overwriting the first pdf file.


  • At first, the older PDF version remained in the google drive web interface, even after F5-ing the browser
  • From the Windows Explorer right-click menu I went to Insync => force sync.
  • Rather than upload the new version however, the newer PDF remained on my local file system, and the older PDF was moved to Trash in the Google Drive web interface.
  • After wasting 20 minutes on the issue, I moved all the files out of the google drive folder on my local file system to delete them from google drive, then re-added them.

Hi @john_festa we will need to investigate this. Please send in your logs (How to find the log files) along with the link to this post to support@insynchq.com


Hi @jaduenas … The email notification of your response went to spam. I’ll see if I can repro the problem and send you the logs later today.

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