Unexpected error doing DownloadGDBlob: Mismatched checksum

Some random files are not synced and there are errors related to each such file, e.g. Unexpected error doing DownloadGDBlob: .xinitrc: Mismatched checksum. I’ve tried to solve this by erasing all synced files from my computer and syncing again. This does not help as then some other random files will not sync and I see the same errors. Under Syncing… these files are shown as being synced but nothing happens.

I’m using version on Arch Linux.


Same here. I am using version 3.0.23 Fedora (on Opensuse leap 15.1)


In my case this problem might have had something to do with syncing directories to custom locations. Previously, I had synced several directories simultaneously. I again installed Insync and synced everything from scratch, only this time I selected a location for new directory only when previous one had finished syncing. These errors have now disappeared.

At some point I restored something from Google Drive trash while Insync was syncing and it replaced some files it was syncing with these restored files. It seems like you shouldn’t make any changes when Insync is doing it’s thing and only let it do one thing at a time.

Hi guys, we are currently looking into this and hopefully will be included in a fix very soon. In order to help resolve this quicker can you send us your logs along with the link to this post to support@insynchq.com?

I have noticed that if I don’t sync continuously and if I do some changes in some synced files, Insync will try to download the old GDrive version to my location instead to upload the current local file to GDrive.

This might be related to base folder not being present. Since I don’t sync anything to base folder I removed it and soon noticed that these errors started appearing. After restoring base folder and restarting Insync, the errors disappeared.

Same here,
But sync base folder doesn’t fix my problems
My temporal fix is:
-Exit insync
-Delete /home/$user/.cache/Insync
-Execute insync again

Its very annoying. I hope a fast fix.