Unexpected error while calling 'get_ignore_rules'


I think this bug has not been reported yet: when the text box “Ignore rules” has focus, if I try to enter a character, Insync crashes. I checked the logs and I see “Unexpected error while calling ‘get_ignore_rules’” (on Debian 9.11 with Insync

I tried to modify the configuration with sqlitebrowser but now all my rules are lost. Do I need to change a timestamp or something in order to make Insync accept the new rules?

Thank you!

Hi @Pierre_Cornier,

Indeed, this hasn’t been reported. Thank you for bringing this up and my apologies for the trouble! Can you please let me know if you’ve submitted your logs.db and out.txt files to support@insynchq.com? :slight_smile: If not, it would really help us with our investigation! :slight_smile: