Uninstalling and duplication problems on mac

my colleagues and I set up insync to our google drive folder, which we didn’t know that it may cause several problems.

Right now we have 4 mac laptops which insync was set up and insync keeps creating copies of existing folders. Also, on one of these macbooks’ insync stopped working because, google drive continues syncing folders simultaneously.

Is there any way to uninstall insync from these laptops ? or how can we uninstall it without losing any folders and continue using google drive? and is there any easy way to remove copied folders?

Hi there, can you send in your logs along with the link to this post to support@insynchq.com for investigation regarding the duplication problems?
How to find the log files


One of our problem is that we selected Google Drive folder when we first installed Insync.

At first Google Drive was inactive and Insync was running, but after restarting our computers Insync gave error and Google Drive started running again.

If we quit Insync and start deleting duplications it will be difficult to choose which one was created with Insync. Because we kept working on those folders and new items have been added on them.

Also Google Drive was being used on all of the four laptops before we switched to Insync.

All our work is on Google Drive and it is almost impossible to continue working.

Or it would be great if you help us uninstalling insync and reinstalling it again properly.

Any lead would be helpful.

Hi there, as mentioned, it would be best to send in your logs so we can investigate further as there are various reasons for this behavior. Thanks :smile: