Use same base folder for dual boot (Win10/Ubuntu20)?

So I’ve got Windows 10 and Ubuntu installed on my machine, on two separate drives. I’ve got my google drive sync’d with my Windows 10 drive no problem. I can also access those files from linux with no problem. However, installing sync on the linux OS and pointing it to the same base folder causes it to try to duplicate everything on Google Drive (which makes sense if it believes that those are “new files”, as would be the case if it doesn’t know that that folder has already been sync’d.

So my question then, is it possible to have this work? It would seem like it should be fairly straight forward to allow the insync on linux access to whatever the insync on windows 10 uses to keep track of things. Though I am admittedly, not an expert in this kind of thing so I recognize if its far more complicated than that!

All in all, this isn’t a deal breaker. I’m still very happy with insync, and its not too much of a hassle to boot into windows to sync when I’ve done work on linux (which isn’t often), it would just be AMAZING to have this kind of support for dual booted systems.

If anyone knows if this is possible, or if its planned for the future, let me know!

Hi @Christopher_Gnam,

Thanks for posting your feedback! At the moment, we do not support dual-boot setups using the same sync location for both OSes but this is a feature request that has been requested in the past as well. I have included this as a +1. :slight_smile: