Versions of Insync on different clients

Just a quick question.

The purchase of a new computer has meant I’ve had to move to Ubuntu 19.10 to get the dirvers for my hardware. I had Insync 1.5 running successfully on Deepin 15.10, and 1.5 Headless running on a Raspberry Pi.

My problem is that 1.5.7 just will not work on Ubuntu 19.10. When it launches there is an empty dialog box that appears for an instance, then it disappears. Any effort to use the terminal to see the current status are met with Python errors.

Insync 3 seems to work fine on Ubuntu 19.10, but of course my currrent licence does not let me actually sync anything. If I upgraded to Prime in order to use V3, would my 1.5 client on the Raspberry Pi continue to operate? The only reason I ask is that in reading the documentation it appears that the headless mode is not available on version 3.

Thanks for any clarification in advance.

Hi there, ideally this should work but we haven’t personally tested it. Maybe start with a few files first to sync between Insync 3 and Raspberry Pi 1.5 version to see how it behaves?