Very high cpu usage after Insync starts - syncing over 1TB files

When I start insync, it eats up 60% of cpu and 2 to 3GB Ram for like 10 minutes. Then it chills out. I guess it probably must do some indexing of the hard drive, which may take some time, because I sync ~1,5TB of data. Is there a way to turn off this indexing? If not, are you planning to make this better? I can think of an indexing database, which would be loaded at start instead of indexing the whole system again.

Im at Ubuntu 20.04

Hey, Lukas!

Thanks for reaching out to us. Your post is really timely, we’re just about to release an update where you can choose to skip local scan. :slight_smile: Watch out for your app update in a few days! Let us know if the new feature works for you and if not, you reach out to us at!