Why selectable currency?


On insynchq.com/buy/prime, I can select between seven different currencies. But why? The objectively best option is “BRL”, since I only have to pay 26.14€ instead of the regular 29.99€. Selecting pounds would mean that I would have to pay 35.25€.
Maybe if I wanted to pay more because I’m so blown away by how amazing this program is, I could maybe understand it, but then a donation option would be better. Personally, I find 26.14€ a reasonable price for a sync program (the only one for Google Drive that properly works on Linux), but I don’t pay more if I don’t have to.


Hi @Fabian,

It’s more convenient for a lot of our users to purchase a license when their currency is available. :slightly_smiling_face: We try to equalize the cost as much as we can, but fluctuations can cause disparity. You can always choose the currency that works best for you! :slightly_smiling_face: