WIN / 64bit Pro I Just upgrade to the new 1.4.3 and now I'm in trouble

. I upgrade 4 days ago to the new 1.4.3 and now I have 354 items queued from 4 days and none upload or download working.
Note: when upgraded the sync was green, now is still blue

What can be happened?

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Hi, so sorry about this. Can you send in your logs to along with the link to this post?
How to find the log files

Same problem. Windows 10. Now on version 1.4.4 sync runs for X files (maybe 50-100) then just stops and says syncing but doing nothing. CPU usage is still 30-50% but no progress.

Hi, Yes. I sent to Mia from Insync the file. The answer is “Thank you for sending in your log files. This is a known issue for the 1.4 upgrades and we’re working on deploying a fix for our users. Let me discuss it with our engineers and i’ll get back to you. :)”. Unfortunatly now are more than ten days I don’y sync my files. I asked if a downgrade is possible bus no answer from March 21. Sad situation for a registered user. Hope not to install the Google app

I’m having the exact same issue with 1.4.4. I keep getting stuck on “xxx files queued” but no upload or download activity. Closing and restarting the app helps. It processed a hundred or so files, then gets stuck again. Each time I restart, it has to scan for changes (~50 GB of files, so it takes a while). I’m also curious about a downgrade until this issue gets sorted out.

I have to say that it’s unbelivable not receiving any support after almost 2 weeks.
I also asked if a downgrade is possible (back to 1.3) but none answer, and I need to sync my files.

yes downgrade is possible. It won’t break things. I had to downgrade too after 1.4 didn’t work for me. Link here

Thanks Gabriel_Fair.

Do you know if I have to uninstall 1,4 or simply run the installation and it replace the 1.4?

I just downloaded 1.4.5 and seems everything woks now

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