Win7 and Win10 "Add folder to insync" not showing

Hi there,
just purchased Insync. I want to share multiple different folders on a network drive/NAS to sync with GDrive.
The right-click menu “Add folder to Insync” is not showing up!
I read in this forum in earlier threads from '16 that this was an issue back then.
Please advise on hwo to sync network folders and multiple folders please.

Thanks in advance.

Will be tagging our engineer @dipesh and he will get back to you

Also it uploaded all the folders tagged but they are all empty! None of the files inside the folder uploaded.

Can you send in your logs along with the link to this post to
How to find the log files
Uploaded both to gdrive.

Any news on this? Every folder I synced created all the other folders but they are empty so now I have double and tripple everything as empty folders but no synced folders I need to backup.

Hello @Anselm_von_Seherr-Th

Sorry for the delayed response. On Windows, “Add to Insync” feature relies on symlinks & junctions. It won’t be available if your main Insync folder for the account is set up on a network drive as symlinks/junctions cannot originate on a network drive.

So, I recommend that you move the main Insync folder for the account to your local drive and then do “Add to Insync” on the network drive folders.


I only have network drives though! I have to copy those local first?


On Windows, in order to add external folders to Insync, your main folder should be setup on local drive. So, yes, to enable “Add to Insync”, you will have to move the main Insync folder to the local drive. Once the Insync folder has successfully been moved to the local drive, you will then be able to use “Add to Insync” on the network folders too.


That defeats the purpose for me though! I have all my data on a NAS.

@Anselm_von_Seherr-Th Here is a workaround that might be applicable in your scenario: you can first move the Insync folder to the local drive and then change syncing location of the subfolders to outside of Insync folder.


Not enough space on the local drive. Is mapping a network drive on the road map?

@Anselm_von_Seherr-Th If you do not have enough space to even move the Insync folder once, please follow the following steps very carefully, if you have any questions/need clarification on any of the steps, then please ask/seek clarification first as mis-performing them may lead to trashing/loss of data on Google Drive web:

  1. Quit Insync

  2. Let’s say your current Insync folder is the network path N:\Insync-Folder, move ALL its children files & folders say, AFolder, BFolder, CFile.ext etc. to a new folder say, N:\External-Location

  3. Delete the empty folder N:\Shares\Insync-folder

  4. On Local drive, create a new folder say, C:\Users\[Username]\Insync-Folder

  5. Create symlinks inside this newly created local folder to all the immediate children files & folders (AFolder, BFolder, CFile.ext etc.) of N:\External-Location by running the following commands:
    MKLINK /D "C:\Users\[Username]\Insync-Folder\AFolder" "N:\External-Location\AFolder"
    MKLINK /D "C:\Users\[Username]\Insync-Folder\AFolder" "N:\External-Location\BFolder"

    MKLINK "C:\Users\[Username]\Insync-Folder\CFile.ext" "N:\External-Location\CFile.ext" (Note the missing /D parameter in case of files)

  6. Ensure that the folder C:\Users\[Username]\Insync-Folder has the exact structure/files as that of the erstwhile N:\Insync-Folder

  7. Start Insync

  8. Insync will complain that Syncing is paused because the folder N:\Insync-Folder is missing

  9. Go to account settings, click “Locate…”, select the Insync folder C:\Users\[Username]\Insync-Folder -> click “Apply Changes”

It is on the road-map to support “Add to Insync” even when the main Insync folder for the account is on a network drive on Windows. However, it is not a priority at the moment.


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