Work account not syncing, scanning for changes for 4 days

Have initiated Support, sent log yesterday (no response) and again today (waiting for response). Most threads indicate either InSync miraculously starts to sync again on its own (happened once before to me, no problems since) or you have to reinstall the APP !??! Looking for a solution, not a work-around. Someone please;

  1. Why does the APP suddenly go days without syncing? What is the cause of this problem?
  2. What ‘reasonable’ action does it take to make the APP work again like it did in the past? What’s changed? Pause and Restart have been ineffective this time as they were last time and of course Support tells us not to do that, but what are we supposed to do when the APP suddenly stops without reason and co-workers need our files and we need access to their files to run our business? Selecting Force Sync in Explorer from the InSync tab does nothing.

If App is reinstalled are settings saved or will I need to go through the process of setting up all 4 accounts manually again?

Hi @JL_Fitzpatrick,

I’ve replied to your email. For others’ reference:

  1. It would be hard to pinpoint a single cause for issues with syncing as it depends case-to-case (wrong setup, antivirus issues, database corruption, etc). Best thing to do would be to send your log files to for troubleshooting
  2. Although it’s best to wait for Support’s recommended action, a reasonable method to try would be to remove the affected account from the Insync app, then to add it again. This will take you through initial setup wherein you can choose the same (existing) Insync folder for that account
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