1.4.9 Linux Builds (32-bit)

This is the 1.4.9 version of Insync (32-bit) for Linux.

Linux, 32-bit:


I am looking for insync 32 Bit for Ubuntu 18.04. The link in this page leads to 64 Bit version not 32 Bit.

Thanks for pointing it out, @RongaKoka :slight_smile: Our engineers have updated the link. Please give it another try. Thank you!

Thanks, it works fine now.

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Suddenly de icon uo right doesn’t work
I have unistall and reinstall it but still not workiung

Hi @Pau_Rubert,

I’m not sure what you meant-- could you expound on that please? Did you mean to say that you can’t find the tray icon?

I’m afraid the CentOS 7 link points to the 64-bit version, not the 32-bit version. Can you please correct that?

Hi @Jolyon_Cox,

Sorry about that! We don’t have a 32-bit build for CentOS and I’ve requested to remove that link. Thanks for bringing this up!

That’s a shame - I’m currently using a rival product and it’s nothing like as good! Thanks anyway.

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Hi there, is there a version for Raspian Pi Desktop?

Is there a version for Raspberry PI desktop outof the box?

There appears to be an issue with the raspbian links. Is there a version still for raspberry pi?

Hi @Paul_Ambler,

Raspberry pi only work on version 1.3.17, download link here: http://d2t3ff60b2tol4.cloudfront.net/test_builds/armel/insync-armel_1.3.17.36167_i386.tar.bz2

Does this version (v1.4.9) support OneDrive for CentOS?

Hi @mengelsen,

All 1.x versions sync Google Drive accounts only. :slight_smile: Our Insync 3.x builds support OneDrive in addition to Google Drive.