1.4.9 Linux Builds (32-bit)

This is the 1.4.9 version of Insync (32-bit) for Linux.

Linux, 32-bit:


I am looking for insync 32 Bit for Ubuntu 18.04. The link in this page leads to 64 Bit version not 32 Bit.

Thanks for pointing it out, @RongaKoka :slight_smile: Our engineers have updated the link. Please give it another try. Thank you!

Thanks, it works fine now.

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Suddenly de icon uo right doesn’t work
I have unistall and reinstall it but still not workiung

Hi @Pau_Rubert,

I’m not sure what you meant-- could you expound on that please? Did you mean to say that you can’t find the tray icon?

I’m afraid the CentOS 7 link points to the 64-bit version, not the 32-bit version. Can you please correct that?

Hi @Jolyon_Cox,

Sorry about that! We don’t have a 32-bit build for CentOS and I’ve requested to remove that link. Thanks for bringing this up!

That’s a shame - I’m currently using a rival product and it’s nothing like as good! Thanks anyway.

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Hi there, is there a version for Raspian Pi Desktop?

Is there a version for Raspberry PI desktop outof the box?

There appears to be an issue with the raspbian links. Is there a version still for raspberry pi?

Hi @Paul_Ambler,

Raspberry pi only work on version 1.3.17, download link here: http://d2t3ff60b2tol4.cloudfront.net/test_builds/armel/insync-armel_1.3.17.36167_i386.tar.bz2

Does this version (v1.4.9) support OneDrive for CentOS?

Hi @mengelsen,

All 1.x versions sync Google Drive accounts only. :slight_smile: Our Insync 3.x builds support OneDrive in addition to Google Drive.

The top link says access denied

Thank you for the heads up. I’ve forwarded this to our engineer in charge and will update you once the links are reactivated.

Thank you Mia. I have made the once off payment sometime ago. We need the 32 bit version for v18.04

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Thanks for waiting! The links are now active :slight_smile: