1.4 - Folder Contents Getting Mixed Up



I am a college teacher. I have a folder for a particular project. Inside that, I have a folder per student, inside that there are two further folders for each part of the project.

Since upgrading to v1.4, I have looked back over this folder in preparation for the end of the year and the attached photo is what I see. There should be two folders, instead, each folder is now triplicated.

The worst part is that you would expect to see the contents of Bloggs Joan “Do Not Stand” in at least one of those folders. The reality I am seeing the contents of Soap Joe “Their Project Name” in one of them instead. Joan Bloggs project files are in some other random students folder and that random student’s stuff is in someone else’s folder.

The contents of the project folder don’t even match the name of the folder they have ended up in. When I go onto Drive, all the activity in the problem folders comes up as “Insync”.

I have had to spend the last 20 minutes going through each of these folders on Windows, cutting and pasting the folder contents into the correct location. Around half of the project files were showing up in the wrong student’s folder. If content had gone missing, that is an entire years worth of student work at risk.

What is going on and can I revert back to version 1.3 indefinitely?



Hello! I apologize for not replying sooner to you! :frowning:

Could you send your log files to support@insynchq.com with the link to this post please? After which, you may revert back to 1.3.24.