13 Errors for files I can not find anywhere, all Google Docs


I now have an error for 13 files in the Insync app (on Linux). Says “Cant process…file not found”. When I click on them I get to the Drive folder but those files are not there. They all seem to be Google Docs file. I have also retried them many times but the error comes back. I do not need any of these files. How do I get rid of these errors?


Hi @Christian_Dysthe,

Insync (& Google app) downloads the Google Format files, when not being converted to Office format as .gddoc, .gdsheet etc. (.gdoc, .gsheet etc.) - these files do not contain any data but metadata & can be thought of as shortcuts to the corresponding Google Format files on Google Drive web.

When you add (/copy) .gdoc/.gddoc etc. locally, Insync tries to create a copy of the corresponding Google format file on Google Drive under that new location.

If the account doesn’t have access to the corresponding Google format file (anymore), Insync would encounter “File not found” error.

To fix that error, please remove the corresponding .gddoc, .gdsheet etc. files from the Insync folder.

I hope this helps! Please let me know if errors persist after this fix. :blush:


That worked out just fine! Thanks! :slight_smile: