3.7.14 release, no announcement or changelog?

I saw 3.7.14 get rolled out here, but can’t find an announcement or changelog so far. What’s new?

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With (Fedora 36), insync start gives me:

Insync headless is not included in your “Developer Sync/Developer Sync/Developer Sync/Developer Sync” license. Visit https://www.insynchq.com/pricing for more info.

This means I cannot sync any more, because the daemon does not start. I think this message is doubly wrong: I do not use insync headless (but the ordinary client, as I always did), and use of insync headless should be possible with workstation licenses, shouldn’t it?

… and now (without reboot/update, just another insync start) things appear to be working again. Be it a server side (grandfathering) fix or luck striking again - thanks :wink:

Hi @philstopford :slight_smile: Thank you for being so observant of our versioning and releases. We appreciate users like you!

3.7.14 has the same release notes as 3.7.13. We skipped releasing it to the forums since it only has licensing-related changes which wasn’t testable by users.

@MJG Thank you for reporting what you encountered and the steps you took to troubleshoot. I have forwarded this to our Linux team to make sure that the in-app communication is providing accurate information.