3.7.4 is completely broken, doesn't even update anymore (macOS; with solution)

Aside from the issues on Linux where configuration was suddenly reset, on MacOS too 3.7.4 completely wrecked the application.

InSync gets stuck completely during the initial scanning stage. Clicking the tray icon to try and bring up toe UI does nothing, it’s just beachballing. Killing InSync and restarting it results in the same thing happening every time.

After restarting InSync there is a brief window where if I click the tray icon at the right time it will bring up the UI, where I can see that

  1. It’s stuck “scanning” a single directory, it never moves on from this folder.
  2. There’s a label in the bottom right corner saying “update to 3.7.5 and restart”. Clicking this just hides the UI and does nothing else. InSync neither updates nor restarts.


  • The application is broken and unuseable
  • Because of this even the update mechanism that would pull in the fix is broken

I downloaded the latest MacOS installation package from the website, and can confirm that 3.7.5 fixes these issues.

Any less technical user would now possibly be stuck with this non-functional version of the application that no longer even manages to update itself. So I’m not sure if there’s something InSync can do server-side to work around this or do messaging towards those customers.

Either way, for me my issue is resolved for now. I just hope quality checks have improved a bit as a result of this mess… :sweat_smile:

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thanks for the update, yeah, it has crashed so many times!

Hey @Adrian2 and @RobinJ1995,

My apologies for the mess! Glad to know that you were able to manually download 3.7.5 and that the issues have quieted down since. It’s interesting that you reported it’s not auto-updating from 3.7.4 to 3.7.5… I just got confirmation from our Mac engineer that this test passed before we deployed the latest version. :thinking:

I will have this checked further!

Same thing happened to me. Latest macOS 12.3.1 Almost EOL MacMini.
Got notification of update, opened UI, click label in bottom right corner, it hides the UI, then freezes I guess. Spinning beach ball when I hover cursor on it. Had to shut it down with Activity Monitor.
Did the manual download to update it.

Same thing happened. The app would constantly “not responding”, freeze on scanning and would not update either.

I just updated to Looks ok for now; we will see in the future…

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Hi all,

To address this issue, please do the following:

  1. Quit Insync via the Activity Monitor
  2. Manually run the dmg installer from https://www.insynchq.com/downloads

This has happened to me to on two different MacOS machines. Note that this may be related to the other issue of InSync quitting and not restarting after an update on MacOS…

Hi @soundsleit, could you let us know if quitting Insync via Activity Monitor and running the DMG build from our downloads page works?