Accidentally ran googledrivesync and google docs got trashed

I recently installed Insync and enabled local conversion of Google docs to Microsoft docs. This seemed to work well until I rebooted my machine and Googledrivesync launched automatically. Effectively it looked at my drive folder and saw that all of my gdocs were deleted and had been replaced with MS docs by Insync and then it proceeded to sync all of that with the cloud!!! I didn’t notice this right away so all of my gdocs were deleted!!!

Now I’m trying figure out the best way to restore everything back to its proper state. Ideally I would like to restore the files from the trash on the Cloud side, so that revision history and access rights are maintained. But it’s not totally clear which files are the right ones to restore and I don’t see a way to easily remove all of the new MS docs that have been put in their place, especially because in some other cases the original docs are MS docs and should stay as MS docs because that’s how I created them.

Any suggestions for the best way to get back to my previous state?

On side note I think it would really make sense for Insync to either directly disable googledrivesync when it installs or at least show a big warning message instructing the user to do that manually.


I actually don’t see any of the deleted files in the Drive trash. It looks like everything is in a folder called insync-trash. But every gdoc in that folder now has a duplicate. This looks like a real mess and it’s going to take me hours, if not days, to undo by hand!!!

Any help will be greatly appreciated.


Hi Chris, I apologize for this. Can you send in your logs along with the link to this post to and we’ll get to this right away.
How to find the log files

Thanks, I sent the email with logs, so you should have it now.