Action Required - Could not delete folder - No Resolution Available

In the Action Required section of my InSync window, I have a message that a folder could not be deleted. I have decided that I do not WANT to delete the folder now (reason not important) but the only choice available is “Retry.” Maybe another choice could be “Cancel” or “Ignore?”

Yes. I have a similar problem. For some reason files were being trashed that should not be and there is no alternative to retry or open location. A cancel, or reset, or something similar would be very useful for terminating processes that are not correct.

@jimperio @dipesh @lpugoy, any thoughts on this? :slight_smile:

@Larry_Bradley @Catherine_Hanson: If the files are selectively unsync’d or are removed on Google Drive web, Insync deletes or trashes them locally respectively. If it is unable to delete or trash any such file/folder locally (it may happen because of many reasons e.g. permission issues, file in use, there are files present inside the folder that are being ignored and haven’t been uploaded etc.), it presents that “Actions Required” entry with two options: Retry and Open location. So, if “Retry” is not resolving the issue, please “Open location” and manually remove the file/folder form Insync folder to resolve the issue.


So, what if I don’t want to delete them?


  1. I unchecked some folders
  2. Insync didn’t delete them locally (I don’t want to, actually. Just wanted to priorize the upload of some new folders)
  3. Checked them back again, I still get the “actions required” messages. But I don’t want to delete them.

What can I do to solve this?

I would also like to know if there is a solution to this problem.
Many folders I did not check for syncing, because I didn’t want to be synced. but Insync started to sync them anyway. now I unchecked them and Insync wants to delete them from my computer…
Besides that it is still syncing a music folder I unchecked. Totally uncontrollable it seems…
so is there a way to control this better?

@lau @gromke: I am really sorry for not being able to respond any sooner.

I am afraid you have misunderstood the Selecive sync feature. Selective sync feature is applicable for files/folders that are present in your Google Drive cloud. When you selectively unsync a file/folder, Insync deletes such a file from your local Insync folder keeping it intact on Google Drive web. It’s main purpose is to allow you to sync only a subset of remote files on local machine so that you only have the files that you need locally and also save local disc space.

Perhaps what you were looking for was Ignore rules feature How to use the ignore list


Your suggestion ‘’ “Open location” and manually remove the file/folder form Insync folder to resolve the issue’’ caused me and my team to lose a 13gb workfile and a half day of work. Fortunately we had it back up on timemachine as well. I just wanted to post so if other people get this issue dont make the same misstake. I still dont understand and havent been able to find an answer to why insync are able to trash the files. I get that it can be a number of reason but that insync dont tell you why is a very strange.

hi there,
i’m facing another problem with insync. I’ve renamed 4 files but since i’ve got 4 errors.
of course insync can’t find them and i can’t see them n the selective folder tab so the only option remains to retry but failed each time. Any idea how i can removed this??

where did you rename the files? Have you tried renaming back to the original name?

You can send log files to as well for investigation: How to find the log files

hi Gio,

Just send logs through support link. btw when a click on the error file Insync locate the file in the browser.
it gives the right name but as said i’ve renamed the file (the name shown in the screenshot) so i don’t understand why it can’t proceed as it knows the file and where they are located.
thks for your reply

have replied to your email :slight_smile: Our engineer will check it out and get back to you there