"Actions Required" needs improvements

Hi there,

The “Actions Required” needs a improvement to available actions.

(files and email redacted for security)

I need to do 542 manual single actions, instead of “retry all”, “do nothing/ignore” or “delete all”.

And i think the sync didn’t continue if i didn’t do these actions.

Noted, this is something we are looking into improving in a future version. Thanks for bringing this up!

Any update here? I’m currently facing 948 manual actions required… anywhere to clear Insync’s cache or restart its scan manually by deleting a file or anything?

Hi @nickfaughey,

Could you send a screenshot of these actions required? What were you doing prior to these showing on your app?

I’ll raise this to the team to see how we can troubleshoot accordingly. :slight_smile: I’ll update you as soon as I can!