Activity-Under Construction


I have the same error on Windows and Debian Linux in activity tab after upgrade to 3.0.19.
It is normal? Is this beta version?

Thank you

40421deb 40421win


I would also like an answer to this. There is currently no way to view syncing activity.

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Insynchq should have been upfront about this – I think it is poor product management

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Hello @Nikolaos_Karanikolas @Victoria_Walker @James_Gardiner

Apologies for the inconvenience, we’re currently rebuilding this feature. You’re right @James_Gardiner, we should have noted this from the start and should have been clearer on the update details.

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Is the activity tab still shows “under construction”?

Not sure about all OS but windows 10 insync has an intact feed. Although the bold file names can be hard to read. Maybe insync can dial it back to a medium bold.

Unfortunately the accounts stats page is still under construction, as I found out today when I received an error that my account is full. Getting closer to a finished product though.


Thank you very much. I just hesitate to upgrade to insync 3. But I think I will do it after you showed that the activity tab is worked. :smiley::smiley:

if 1.5.7 is working well for you, I would advise waiting to upgrade to 3.x. It’s kind of a horrible mess at this point. Unless you have to for OS compatibility or want to be a beta tester, I’d stick with 1.5.7

You are TOTALLY right. I messed up. I am upgrading insync right now and the process is far from smooth. I wonder why the big download button go for insync 3 instead of insync 1.5.

That is the 5 million dollar question, makes no sense. You can roll back to 1.5.7 but everything will need to re-sync.

:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: Thank you for your help @kyle!