Add Amazon Cloud Drive

It would be awesome to be able use your software with Amazon Cloud Drive.


+1 !!!
would be amazing

+4 for me and my team!

Hi guys, thank you, I’ll add you guys to our feature request and will discuss this with the team. We have been talking about this so thanks again for letting us know :smile:


Yep I highly encourage to get that one!
Would be great!


Count me in! With Amazon now offering unlimited cloud storage, they became very competitive!

I think it would be more than awesome. It would be a competitive necessity. I find google drive leaves me wanting. I am now relying more and more on onedrive for documents which provides 1 TB storage with my 365 account. Now I am using amazon cloud storage for non document storage. I don’t expect insync to support onedrive, but you would be insane to tie yourself entirely to Google.

+1 … I would love to see this as well!! :smiley:

+1 yes please add Amazon Cloud!

+1 I need this and it would be great feature

this would be wonderful. best of both worlds.

Having google drive and amazon cloud two world giant cloud will be awesome af…

+1 Too ! this would be great !

yes yes yes I want this.
Amazon drive support will be highly appreciated

Also here looking for amazon drive support :slight_smile:


YES, count me in!!!