Add Mega Support

This service offers encryption and other similarly related security features. This is a service that many other people use and it would be great to have it available with Insync. Further, this is something that many other competitors have.

Please advise and provide an ETA.


We are truly grateful for you, @GJ1909. For taking the time to explore our Forums thread and assessing which cloud providers we can consider next to expand our services :slight_smile:

While there’s no ETA yet - similar to what I mentioned in the other threads, I’ve noted these requests and will coordinate with the Product Team accordingly. :slight_smile:

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The Mega sync tool is horrible on Linux. It takes an age to compile on Arch and often fails. Insync on the other hand never gives me a problem.

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Thank you for the kind words and continued support @Brackenhill_Mob. And another thank you for the +1! :slight_smile:

@Brackenhill_Mob Wait no, +1000! :grin:

MEGA support, yes please!!!


Hi, @alex.seidanis!! Ah – seems like it is getting more attention via this channel. Your +1 has been added to this feature request! :slight_smile:

Mega support +1 here!

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