Add support for

Do you have a plan to support
It’s widely used in enterprises and it’s not compatible with Linux and I’d be more than happy to pay the license, since the webdav approach is just bad, slow and almost unsable.
Last and not least, released an official API:


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we’ll definitely look into it, but no ETA for as of now :slight_smile: thanks for letting us know about this

Just want to add a “me, too” to this. I just started working with a new lab that uses This seriously hurts on Ubuntu. You people rock on Google Drive.


Ditto the “Me, too”. My university uses Box and I use Ubuntu Linux almost exclusively, but, of course, there is no native Box client for Linux. I’m using davfs, but it’s pretty bad - my system all but locks up everytime I try to launch a LibreOffice file. Your Google Drive client is the best; I’m practically a walking billboard for you guys! You guys making a Box client would be the best

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More encouragement on this. I have been using insync for a couple years now with Google Drive, it’s great - but my new university uses Box. I would LOVE to keep using your product.

I’m interested in a linux client that would complement the current Google Drive client. I’d need SSO support just like you already have in the Google Drive client.

I know its been a few years, but I would also love to see Box support.