Add sync / unsync in the Feed list


It is extremely frustrating, when someone shares a Gdoc with me, to see that it appears in the activities listed in the feed, but that I cant directly decide to sync it to my local drive. Conversely, when someone updates a huge document I am not interested in, I’d like to unsync it directly from there.

Instead, we have to browse through the folders and files in “Shared with me”, trying to remember the exact name and location, in order to establish or remove the syncing.

What I would love to see, then, is the following feature: a sync… / unsync… menu item in the contextual menu attached to each item in the Feed (like in the image below)

Thanks !

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Hi @Alexis_Drogoul,

Thank you so much for reaching out about this and for expressing your pain points regarding the current Insync experience.

I’ll forward these to our Product Manager. We don’t have a public roadmap for feature requests yet; however, the more voices we can add to a request, the more pressing the issue and the more attention it will get from the engineers. :slight_smile: So, you did the right thing by reaching out about these! Thank you so much for taking the time, and please don’t hesitate to let me know if you have further questions or feedback.