Add to Insync - Missing


I do not have this feature. Is it a bug? I am on Windows 10


tagging our engineer @dipesh


Same issue here. Had this option a couple days ago, now it’s missing.


Some more detail:
-When right clicking on a folder while Insync is running and the bug is present, there is a significant delay ( > 5s) before the context menu appears.
-Restarting Insync has an inconsistent effect on the presence of this bug. ie. After restarting Insync a few times, this menu option will sometimes reappear.
-When the bug isn’t present, neither is the delay.

Not sure if this is related, but around the same time this issue appeared, one of my (non-Insync created) symlinks was somehow converted to an empty folder of the same name, leading to 12,000+ “actions required”. The app is unresponsive when I attempt to see those issues. I also recall that there was no options to dismiss all issues. Is there another way to resolve? Hoping to avoid clicking 24,000 (takes 2 clicks to dismiss) times to dismiss these issues.


Hello @Joshua0718,

Please send the Insync logs to so that we could look into this further.