Add to Insync - Missing

I do not have this feature. Is it a bug? I am on Windows 10

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Same issue here. Had this option a couple days ago, now it’s missing.

Some more detail:
-When right clicking on a folder while Insync is running and the bug is present, there is a significant delay ( > 5s) before the context menu appears.
-Restarting Insync has an inconsistent effect on the presence of this bug. ie. After restarting Insync a few times, this menu option will sometimes reappear.
-When the bug isn’t present, neither is the delay.

Not sure if this is related, but around the same time this issue appeared, one of my (non-Insync created) symlinks was somehow converted to an empty folder of the same name, leading to 12,000+ “actions required”. The app is unresponsive when I attempt to see those issues. I also recall that there was no options to dismiss all issues. Is there another way to resolve? Hoping to avoid clicking 24,000 (takes 2 clicks to dismiss) times to dismiss these issues.

Hello @Joshua0718,

Please send the Insync logs to so that we could look into this further.



some time ago this option was available on Linux Ubuntu, but now its gone. Are there any changes? This option was good, would like to get it back:)
So, where to find information for Ubuntu 18.04?

Hi @Oskars_Uspelis, can you see Insync when you right-click a file in your file manager? If you click this, it should have a Sync option. It will launch the file afterwards to allow you to pick the sync location. This is our add to Insync feature in 3.x :slight_smile:


I dont have this option in right-click menu.
Using Unity with Nautilus 3.26.4.

Hi @Oskars_Uspelis,

Can you refer to the first part (Debian) of this article and check if you were able to install the Nautilus file manager integration? :slight_smile:

Thanks for the help, its working.


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