After upgrade 1.5.7 ->, resyncs everything

I have a folder on Google Drive with some 70 GB of static data – it never changes. After upgrading to, Insync started to re-upload the entire folder. WHY? Same files, same dates, same contents (and hashes, if Insync checks that).

Even worse is that Insync uploads straight to the existing file which causes Google to keep the prior contents (the same bits, remember?) as an old version. With 70 GB of data and a maximum of 100 GB storage on my plan, you can imagine the result: Out of space.

Since I cannot reasonably delete the old version (where it exists) for a few hundred files by hand – richt-click, old versions, open overflow menu, delete old version, click to confirm – I deleted everything in my Google Drive account.

And since there is no way to tell Insync to start from scratch with an empty sync DB, it then deleted the source files off my local disk.

So I just restored the whole mess locally from my backups, and Insync is uploading everything again.

I would go back to 1.5.7, but that will upload everything yet again!

I am very close to deciding that manual sync is much easier than using Insync. Was that your intention with Insync 3? To make it so painful that I go back to uploading in the browser?

Very, very disappointedly yours,

Yep. Haven’t any problems with 1.5.7, but now I just can’t proceed with the initial sync…

Initial sync problem is hilarious. The system tries to upload docs to GDrive (to get some hash or so?) and stopped while getting to files in folder shared with me with read-only rules previously. Google Drive kicks InSync out, and it just stops the sync process. There are many questions to your developers such as ‘why do you try to upload to read-only folder?’ and ‘why do you try to upload in general?’ and I have stopped my working process for a couple of days now. FIX THAT ASAP and make money back or smth like that, I just got my working process freezed!!!

Will anybody answer here or at support@ ?

Not sure … I am currently trying Syncdocs. It, at least, was able to skip files already present locally and on Google drive – a good start, but we’ll see.

Hi guys, so so sorry for the late reply. This was definitely not the case we were trying to make. Would you mind sending over your logs.db and out.txt to with the link to this post so we can investigate more throughly?

Sorry, too late for logs and such; when I went back to 1.5.7, I cleand up the insync folders in the appdata directory. Oh, and in case anybody is curious, Syncdocs also sucks.

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I am using v3.0.22.40446 on MacOS Catalina as I was forced to update Insync due to the Catalina upgrade.
=> Same problem here - everything gets uploaded even though nothing has changed.