Allow to disable overlay icon and context menu option

It would be possible to add the option to deactivate the overlay icon and the context menu option, currently I deactivate it with this application but it would be nice to be able to decide it from the options.

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Hi @kallookoo!

I would love to hear your thoughts about having this feature. Could you share your case as to how having this option would be convenient/useful? :slight_smile:

Hi @miamoran

I think it should be included in two places.

  • In the installer, to select it.
  • In the Insync preferences in case the user changes his mind. Where is the option to start Insync on login.
    Personally, I like having a minimalist desktop and adding, for example, your icon is not the best, at most it could be added only in case of error, but that means having to modify the application more than simply having the option that I comment before.
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Thank you for sharing your thoughts, @kallookoo! I appreciate your time. :slight_smile: