Also seeing Can't process - UNIQUE constraint failed: ref_gd_files.parent_id, issue on Windows with 1.27.35187

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Also seeing the same on Windows - 3 files remaining. I’ve had to pull InsyncHQ off of these machines and reverted to GD for the time being. How should I proceed as we need two account synced at any given time.

@Michael_Thwaite When you said you pulled off Insync, did you mean that you simply uninstalled/stopped running it or did you also remove your google accounts from insync? Are the Insync folders (where the data was being sync’d to locally) still present?

Please send the logs to so that we could assist you further


Apologies for venting a little but, I’ve installed Insync on three Windows 7 machines (actually one is 8.1) and it doesn’t work. There are just too many errors that block progress such as random permission denied messages, the above failure and insync not removing deleted files. The result has been utter chaos. This has worked on my Mac for so long and so well yet on Windows, it’s just all over the place.

To answer your question, I had to un-install isync, remove all files and re-install GD and allow it to re-sync the 30,000 files (13GB).

Let me know if we can salvage the situation - I have an angry COO and CFO so must tread very carefully.


@Michael_Thwaite: Unfortunately, if you have removed all the files, we cannot reinstate the sync state. If you have deleted the contents of the folder: C:\Users[Username]\AppData\Roaming\Insync, we cannot diagnose the issue.

You will have to begin from scratch and let insync download everything for you at a new empty location if you set it up again.

Apologies for the inconvenience.