An app (.app file) was not synced properly

The file/package, which is used to change settings of the Tennis Elbow game’s demo, did not sync properly onto my iMac.

Initially, on my MacBook, I downloaded the game into a folder inside Insync. Then, on my iMac, the all contents of the folder synced, including the only other .app file/package. This one did not; it appeared only as a disabled app.


Hi @Noffica sorry for the very late response, I’ll tag our engineer @jimperio in this. If it still is not syncing please send in your logs (How to find the log files) to so we can investigate the problem. Thanks!

I’m afraid I’ve long since removed that from Insync.

So, for goodness sake, for once, just try to reproduce this of your own accord. Setup two computers, login with the same account on both and try syncing .app files/packages between the two.