Any difference between Google and OneDrive regarding (2), etc file renames / duplicates?

I’ve been using InSync with Google Drive for a long time, and constantly have to fight with one or more machines developing renamed or (2), (3) copies of files. It’s random and annoying.

I wondered whether OneDrive was any better in this respect. I’m just worn out from constantly having to massage these file names. Deleting ‘bob (2).txt’ will often also end up deleting ‘bob.txt’ on the other machines, for example, and when there is both ‘bob.txt’ and ‘bob (2).txt’ on the same machine, clean up is a painful operation. I should note that I’ve also seen this with the regular Google Drive client, not just Insync.

If OneDrive might provide some relief from this, I’ll quite happily move my stuff there.

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I have experienced the same issue.

Hi @philstopford and @Robert_Keeney!

Thanks for bringing this up. Do you mind letting us investigate this bug further by sending us your log files at Let us know the steps you took before experiencing the bug so we can have a clearer picture of what’s happening.

We appreciate your help!

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I sent logs in previously for this and also sent Mia an example of how to trigger this reliably. I’m testing onedrive at the moment to see if it is better behaved. I haven’t finished with that work yet.

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Hi @philstopford!

Can confirm I got your logs and have also sent the steps to our engineers for replication. :slight_smile: