Apple Silicon native version of Insync

I set up Insync last night on my M1 MacBook Pro, and it’s using 2.56 GB of RAM right now, and it’s not doing anything. The sync finished overnight.

And there is an InSync web content process using an additional 158 MB of RAM.

That’s a lot of RAM for a sync client.

I hopped on my Intel Mac Mini and Insync is using almost 3 GB of memory on that machines, and that’s running natively. That still seems like a LOT of RAM, even running natively.

there is a known mac memory leak issue that we are looking into but thanks for posting. support or an engineer might request further info to help us test/debug.

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@Andy_Pastuszak Hi! Could you please send your logs.db and out.txt files to with the link to this post?

You can access your logs over at: ~/Library/Application Support/Insync. You can copy and paste that path in Finder’s Go -> Go to Folder. If it’s too big as an attachment, you may send us a shared link to download.