Assign priority to folders when syncing


I think one killer feature of Insync would be giving priorities to folders before download/update.

For instance, if I have uploaded 1 GB of photos in one folder and I’ve also created a 200 kB project of important documents in another folder, I’d like to start the process of syncing everything beginning with the small folder.

That means, after indexing all changes, I’d like to be able to “move” folders up and down, establishing a sync order.

How hard would that be?

Thanks in advance.

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Hi @Leandro_Mattioli

So far it is is on our to-do list but no ETA as of now.

I have +1 you on your request for this :smile:


YES PLEASE! My company has a G Drive for their file management, and it contains over 10000 items. I installed insync and now I have been waiting for over 10 hrs and I still don’t have the files I need to do my work. This is definitely frustrating since I will now have to download the file, and make updates to the file in g drive at a later time, and hope that nothing gets overwritten.

+1 Super Critical. I have some big long term uploads, but need a quick file to work on now.

Hi! Any update on this? Many thanks in advance.

+1 Super Critical! I’m uploading some serious TBs of videos files but my urgency right now is to download some files but I don’t even know when this will be done.

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Thank you @donavinci for bumping this feature request. I have sent this +1 to our product team for review and will make sure to inform our users if this is in development.

Hi guys!
Any news on this?
Really need this feature…


Hi @marcusneves! I appreciate your enthusiasm in wanting this feature developed + released! Our engineers are working on Encryption as we speak, but I’d be happy to +1 you to this long-standing feature request and make the sync more customizable for our users’ needs.

Thank you!! :slight_smile: