Automatic file renaming issue

I use LibreOffice to create and edit local documents, spreadsheets and presentations.
They are synchronized well between my local Drive folder and Google’s cloud servers in general.
However, there is a problem with automatic renaming when I choose to convert the file uploaded to the remote server to Google format.
In that case, Insync preserves the original local file and creates a new local version of the file converted to Google format on the remote server by appending (2) to the original file name.
Then I delete the original file in LibreOffice format on Google servers to work on one file which is kept in Google format on remote server and in LibreOffice format locally.
However, I end up with files in my local Drive folder having names ending with (2).

I think it might be a better idea to change this auto-renaming behavior of Insync so that the old file in the original format (which I don’t think is preserved by most users anyway because it cannot be edited remotely unless converted to Google format) is renamed both locally and remotely to something like “filename (original).odt”, and the original name is used instead for the new version dowloaded to local Drive folder when the file is converted to Google format on remote servers.

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Hi! Thank you so much for this suggestion!

We can definitely look more into this so it would create a seamless experience between your .gdoc files and local documents! :slight_smile:

If you have any other feedback, just let us know!