Automatically pause sync over particular Wi-Fi networks


I occasionally tether through my phone, but usually when I do, I end up chewing through a half a month of data in an hour because I leave InSync on in the background. I’d love it if I could just give InSync the name of my phone’s hotspot, and have InSync automatically turn itself off when I’m connected to it.


@chuyelchulo That’s a cool feature actually and worth a look for the mobile user.

Any other feature requests?


Cool. The only other thing I can think of is easier access to the drive itself–right now, it’s click (open Insync), click (select account), hover, click to get to the drive folder (either on the web or on my machine), even though it’s the thing I probably do most in InSync. It’s way more important to me than whether to convert google docs to word or the stats that have nice big icons in the left bar.

Overall, I really like InSync, though–thanks for making it!


We are adding shortcuts to Drive local and web as a right-click soon :smile:


Any updates on this feature? I’m chewing through my data plan every month!


Hi @Mathias_Ssenabulya,

To be honest, it’s not on our immediate feature release list as of the moment. But we’ll definitely look into this and see the need/demand for it.

We’d also love to learn more about your workflow/etc on why this is an important feature for you (aside from the fact Insync seems to contribute to a chunk of your data usage :sweat_smile:)