Backup and Restore Doesn't Work (blank UI)

So, I just manually updated to Insync v3.7 after I noticed the trial message appear when I opened the app, which is really confusing given the updates aren’t in the repos at all and so I have a trial expiring which I can’t even use. After updating, I tried to at least try the feature with the last 5 days remaining, but when I open that option the screen is just blank. So, I’m going to assume this trial will expire and I won’t even have the chance to check it out and see if it’s something even worth considering to upgrade for.

Hi @Computerfr33k,

My apologies for the trouble! Please reach out to with the link to this post, and let me know what your Insync account is.

I have forwarded this to our engineers so we can fix the issue. Afterwards, I’d be more than happy to extend your trial.